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Carol Carpentieri



Creating is my sanity!
I’ve been lucky all my life to be able to do what I love! Art is what I am not what I do!
Creating the kaleidoscope needlepoint series is an ongoing  delightful experience for me! Color is an important part of these works and as I work with each color I feel uplifted and I think about the color that will sit next to it! The shapes come to me also as I move along the canvas. My purpose of this project was to evoke happiness. I hope it achieves what I set out to do. ​— Carol Carpentieri


Carol is a local artist with deep roots in the community; her work has been exhibited at the Katonah Museum of Art and the Hammond Museum. She is a mother of 3, grandmother of 2 and enjoys her cockapoo, Mandy. Carol volunteers at Bedford Correctional facility helping to care for the inmates’ infants. She enjoys playing Mahjong with her friends, loves to travel and is especially inspired by the colors and the light of Provence. ​

— Written by Jackson Ferguson

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